The BID area on Byres Road and Lanes

The BID area on Byres Road and Lanes

A BID is an initiative where businesses invest collectively in additional local projects and services to enhance their trading performance and environment. An operational BID leads to reduced costs and a better area for everyone.

The projects and services are funded through an investment of additional money paid by all eligible persons (i.e. the person liable to pay the non-domestic rates) in the defined BID area. Other contributions and sources of funding include voluntary contributions, the Local Authority, the Scottish Government and Europe. For more information, visit BIDs Scotland.

Byres Road & Lanes BID was set up in May 2015. The work before that included a thorough consultation process, a business survey which prioritised the views of the Byres Road and Lanes business community, the production of a five year business plan and a 6 week ballot campaign. Of the 129 votes cast, 106 (83%) voted in favour of the BID.

You can learn more about BIDs and our work by reading the FAQ.

Objectives of the BID

  • To create a strong local partnership that gets things done and make our voice heard.
  • To improve the economic opportunities and the trading environment for the businesses in the road and lanes.
  • To increase customer footfall, customer linger time, customer spend and customer retention.
  • To make the BID “cost neutral” by saving businesses money though collective working.
  • To improve businesses relationships with each other, the local authority and the community.
  • To market Byres Road to a local, regional, national and international audience. 
  • To give businesses a strong, unified voice to engage with GCC on area improvements and lobby for changes.
  • To support local voluntary groups who working in partnership with the BID.
  • To act as a vehicle for attracting larger scale external funding.

Board of Directors

We are delighted to have elected  directors who are responsible for the BID budget and overseeing the projects listed in the business plan.

The chair is David Howat of Pattison and Co. David has lived in the West End for most of his life and managed business on Byres Road for over 15 years. He is both passionate and committed to improving Byres Road as a business environment and is also an active member of a community and heritage focused organisation: Friends of Glasgow West.

The other directors in no particular order: Chris Finnieston (Di Maggios), Derek McNeil( Trios), ( John Turner (Janet & John).

Additional representation includes Cllr Martha Wardrop (Hillhead Ward) and Keri Isdale (GCC). Further representation will be via invite to certain meetings with organisations including Byres Road Improvement Group (BRIG), Hillhead Community Council and Partick West Community Council.

The board is also supported by two members of staff: Project Manager Deborah Murray and a Marketing & Events Co-ordinator