Exploring the West End: Wendy's Hoose

Wendy’s Hoose moved into Cresswell Lane for the second time in August, having previously held a different unit in De Courcy’s Arcade. The small shop is filled with scented candles, crafts and upcycled furniture, most of which are made by Wendy and her husband Kenny.


Starting next year, Wendy's Hoose will have a new window display every month, following a theme.


Following the motto “begin with an idea and make it into something else”, Wendy started upcycling to furnish her own house, having recently moved homes. She taught herself by watching videos online, sourcing furniture from Gumtree and local charity shops.

Realising how much she enjoyed making things, Wendy joined the Crafters Roadshow and started selling furniture and vegan, eco-friendly candles at markets around Scotland. Just like the furniture, the candle making began in Wendy’s and Kenny’s own home – hoose – and was perfected through trial and error, finding ways to process larger volumes.

As the business grew, Wendy was able to leave her job as primary teacher to focus on Wendy’s Hoose. Wendy and Kenny eventually took up a shop unit in De Courcy’s Arcade, and after a short hiatus over the summer, they hope to be back for the long haul. 


The "pick 'n' mix" candles are vegan and eco-friendly.


Having sold at markets themselves, Wendy and Kenny have got to know many other traders and are now selling some of their creations in the shop. At the moment, Wendy's Hoose is home to jewellery, wooden crafts and gifts from other small traders in Glasgow and beyond. 

Since space is scarce in the shop, Wendy’s and Kenny’s workshop is still located in their own house. They also take commissions, working with the customer to create the furniture they want. In the new year, Wendy wants to focus more on the furniture side of the business, perhaps also offering upcycling classes.


Fantastic Beasts jewellery displayed on an upcycled chest of drawers


Wendy’s Hoose is located on the ground floor of De Courcy’s Arcade (5 Cresswell Lane). At the moment, you can also catch them at the Christmas market on St George’s Square.