A new games shop lands in the West End

De Courcy's Arcade's latest arrival is a haven for game lovers: Shmup. It's short for 'shoot 'em up', a sub-genre of video games, though the shop itself focuses on a broad variety of games, new as well as old. Located wall-to-wall to a music shop, Shmup aims to attract gamers from Glasgow and beyond.

Game Boys at Shmup

Shmup opened only two weeks ago and is filling a gap in the market for games fans around Glasgow. Focusing on retro games for the time being, owner Stephen claims to be a bit of a Golden Eye pro and has set a challenge to his customers: beat the management and get 10% off in store. Not a bad deal.

Occupying a small unit upstairs in the arcade, Stephen has already filled the shop with games, consoles and memorabilia. The old Game Boys and Nintendos will probably be cause for nostalgia among many of us, and Shmup also stocks games from this era. As the Pokemon Go craze has hit Glasgow, the shop can help you with memorabilia and old issues of Pokemon.


Stephen says that his intention for the shop is to find out what the customers want and try to steer the shop in that direction. At the moment, the Shmup has a fun mixture of new and old, collectibles and memorabilia, but customers are encouraged to come forward with requests and let the management know what they'd like to see in the shop in the future.

Visit Shmup upstairs in De Courcy's Arcade or head over to their Facebook page for more information.