Parking update June 2017

Businesses are advising the BID that the new parking arrangements in Dowanhill (covering both sides of Byres Road) are resulting in a decline in footfall and / or dwell time in shops. Whilst the parking charges are significantly lower than those in the city centre, and the maximum stay is three hours on Byres Road compared to two hours in the city, the imposition of the new parking regime appears to be having an overall negative impact on trade. The situation is not improved by parking meters that are not working; faults should be reported on 0800 37 36 35.

The discrepancies between the two sides of the road are causing some confusion. The Dowanhill zone operates Monday to Saturday, 08.00 to 18.00, whereas the Hillhead zone operates Monday to Friday, 08.45 to 17.15. Moreover, businesses in the Hillhead zone are unable to buy a business parking permit, so are obliged to use on street parking or the Lilybank car park, both of which are more expensive options.

We raised these issues with Land and Environmental Services at Glasgow City Council., and received the following response from Jamie Rodden, Group Manager, Traffic & Safety:

“I can advise that the previous proposals (for Hillhead) included the provision of business parking permits at a cost of £700 per annum, consistent with the cost of business permits in those areas of the city that have them. Also, resident and business parking permits would be able to be used in both the Hillhead, Dowanhill and Partick zones. However, the proposal was abandoned following a Court of Session challenge by Hillhead Community Council. This will be revisited in the future, however, unfortunately, at this time, we cannot offer business permits to Hillhead businesses.”

We will continue to lobby the Council on this matter. We will also be working with you to monitor footfall, which will be the subject of a separate communication.

Road closure information

We have been supplied with the following information from the council:

Road closures as well as suspended parking and loading and unloading to facilitate road lining works
07:00hrs on the 27 October 2016 to 17:00hrs on 27 October 2016
1.    Grosvenor Crescent, for its entire length
2.    Huntly Gardens, for its entire length
3.    Lawrence Street, from Hyndland Street to Dowanhill Street
4.    Observatory Road, from Byres Road to Saltoun Street

Diversions will be signposted on Street
Land and Environmental Services – Stephen Doherty – 0141 287 3134
Land and Environmental Services – Helen Morrison – 0141 287 6720
TRAFFCOM Control Centre – 0141 287 9282


Ashton Lane road closure



First Issued: Tuesday 6 September 2016

From 06:00 to 21:00 hours on 14 September 2016

  • Ashton Lane, between Lilybank Lane and Byres Road
  • Lilybank Lane, for its whole length
  • Great George Lane, for its whole length

rom 06:00 to 21:00 hours on 15 September 2016

  • Ashton Lane, between Lilybank Lane and Byres Road
  • Lilybank Lane, for its whole length
  • Great George Lane, for its whole length


From 16:00 on 13 September 2016 to 21:00 hours on 15 September 2016

  • Ashton Lane, between Lilybank Lane and Byres Road
  • Lilybank Lane, for its whole length
  • Great George Lane, for its whole length

Contact for further information:

Liz Shaw - 0141 581 2400 

TRAFFCOM Control Centre – 0141-287-6507

Message authorised by Michael Brady, Assistant Group Manager, Traffic and Road Safety

Byres Road event and road closure

Look, Live, Explore - Get Active event – 18 September
We have secured funding from BID Scotland to promote an active travel event, as part of European Mobility Week. Byres Road will be closed from Highburgh Road (south of the street) to Chancellor Street from 08.00 to allow for the event components to be installed. The events and activities will take place between 10.00 and 17.00 – the road will re-open as soon as all the elements are off the site. 

We have a wide variety of activities and attractions along the road to attract all ages to this stretch of road. These include:

•    The Clan’s Big Air Show: Scotland’s top stunt cyclists will perform huge jumps, flicks and other tricks

•    The Healthy n Happy Shake Machine is an exercise bike and smoothie maker in one. A fun and innovative way of getting exercise; pedal the bike and within minutes you will have a delicious and nutritious smoothie.

•    Free Wheel  North will be offering bike try outs for people of all ages and abilities. They will be bringing along a mixture of adult and children's bikes, multi person bikes and special needs bikes.

•    Fuel Efficient Driving Simulator offers the opportunity to learn to drive economically The simulator provides a hands-on experience of how fuel efficient driving techniques can save you money and reduce your CO2  emissions.

•    Street re-design: Sustrans  will help us re-imagine Byres Road using temporary mock—ups such as trees, cones, bales of hay and washable paint. 

•    Operation Play Outdoors: Craig and his team will lead traditional children's street games throughout the day, allowing people of all ages to join in.

•    The Bike Station
Local social enterprise The Bike Station will be on site with a joint Dr Bike/Fix Your Own Bike Session. Whether you need help with basic bicycle servicing or you want to learn to do your own repairs and maintenance, The Bike Station's experienced staff will be there to lend a hand.

•    NextBike
NextBike will be at the event to help you register for their cycling sharing scheme with over 30 locations across Glasgow. They will be offering free trials.

•    Walking Tours
The closure of the road also allows space to see things that normally get overlooked in the whirl of traffic. We are pleased to offer three thirty minute walking tours that will highlight the best of this part of Byres Road and its neighbouring streets. The walks will be led by local historian Ann Laird.

•    Enterprise Car Club
It’s possible to be a car user without being a car owner; Enterprise Car Club will be there to explain about their car sharing scheme. 

This is an opportunity to focus on the businesses on the southern end of Byres Road. For those of you who are usually closed on a Sunday, this is a chance to reach a new audience and develop new customers. We will be happy to work with businesses within the road closure area to develop your ideas for the day, or perhaps you can collaborate with another business to offer something different.