Vinicombe Street Carriageway

Message sent on behalf of Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure Services, Land and Environment Services

I am writing to advise you of the impending start of works in your Ward as a part of the above scheme and apologise for the shorter than normal notice period. Unfortunately the normal notification issue date was during the pre-Christmas Council IT difficulties.

As part of the City’s ongoing Public Realm enhancements, it is intended to reconstruct the carriageway and footway in Vinicombe Street between Cranworth Street and Byres Road using natural stone materials.

A contract has been awarded to Rainton Construction Ltd to carry out the works on site. It is anticipated that the works will commence in this area in the week commencing 11th January 2016 and lasting for approximately 16 weeks. Local businesses and residents who may be affected by these works have been notified by the Contractor in advance of the works commencing. Local stakeholders were already aware of the proposals and before Christmas a council officer visited the premises directly affected by the works and explained the likely programme of operations and their short term implications in terms of business operation and pedestrian / vehicular access.

Temporary waiting and loading restrictions will come into effect on 11 January 2016 and remain in operation until 1 May 2016. A Press advert placed in the Evening Times two weeks prior to the associated temporary traffic regulation order becoming operational. There will be no changes to the permanent waiting and loading restrictions. The contractor will maintain a small site compound in Cranworth Street but the Car Club parking bays will remain operational.

Should you require any further information on this scheme, please do not hesitate to contact my officer, Liam Lochran on 0141 287 9116 or e-mail