Gift card - how to join

The Visit West End Card

Byres Road & Lanes Business Improvement District (BID) launched a new gift card on 7th December. The gift card is a way to ensure that money is spent locally, here on Byres Road. Only members of the business improvement district are eligible to join – you’re one them!

The Visit West End Card is a prepaid Visa debit card and a simple way to buy a gift for friends, family and colleagues. The card can be used in any of the shops, restaurants and service providers that have agreed to accept it. Similar schemes have dentists, hairdressers and museums signed up, so there is no restriction on the type of business that can accept the Visit West End Card.

How does it work?

As a business, you handle the card just like any other Visa debit card payment. There is no cost other than your normal Visa transaction fee, and the purchases are settled along with your other Visa payments. The gift card scheme is free to join, and you can continue to sell and promote your own gift card, should you offer one.

For the consumers, the benefit lies in the wide choice of places to shop, dine and buy services in. They don’t have to spend the full value of the card in one go, so the money can be spent in multiple visits to multiple businesses.Why should my business accept the cards?

       As a BID member, it’s free to join the programme and the ongoing programme costs are covered by us.

       Existing programs in Perth and Kendal have proven successful, and there are 75 towns in Sweden and Norway offering the same gift card scheme already.

       On average, people who redeem their gift card spend 30­35% over the value of the card. They’re also less price sensitive, since the money was gifted.

       The gift card is a way to introduce new customers to your business ­ people who receive the cards like to explore new businesses.

       This is an opportunity for Byres Road & Lanes businesses to work together to create a strong proposition for consumers.

How does it work for multiples/national chains?

Only the branches located in the Byres Road & Lanes Business Improvement District are eligible for the scheme. When you join, the gift card programme is taught to recognise the card terminal(s) in your store. If a gift card recipient tries to use their card in another branch, it will simply be declined. We can explain this in more detail if you contact us in the BID office.

Where will customers be able to purchase the cards?

Customers will be able to purchase the cards online and via a network of local shops. There is no obligation to sell the card; you don’t even have to advertise it if you feel that you’d rather promote your own card. All we ask is that you agree to accept it.If you’re interested in finding out more, please email or call us on 0141 237 1134.