Rates appeal update

The city assessor's office has now been given all the mandates for the non-domestic rates appeal (see posted dated 3rd June). All the signed mandates given to either us or the assessor's office will be included. Mandates sent to them past this date will not be considered.

The appeal is not likely to be heard until the end of the year, and we will give businesses updates as we receive them.

Appeal against non-domestic rates

You will be aware that last month the BID lodged an appeal with the City Assessor against the high level of non-domestic rates on behalf of all businesses in the BID. This appeal will be undertaken at no cost to you.

We are advised by the assessor’s office that we need a mandate to act on your behalf. I have therefore drafted a form of words (see below) which I need you to complete, sign and return to me, either by email via info@visitwestend.com, or to the BID office in person or by post.

Some businesses will be represented by agents already and we recognise that they would not wish to be included in this appeal. I would be grateful, if you fall into that category, if you could let me know.

The assessors will not consider an appeal for a business which has not provided us with a mandate. I would encourage you to take the two minutes to complete the form and return it to me. If you have any questions, please call our office on 0141 237 1134.

Many thanks,

Deborah Murray
BID Project Manager