Note of AGM held on 18 November 2021 AT 19.00 VIA ZOOM

John Turner – Janet & John
David Nicholls – Brett Nicholls Associates
Robert Fletcher-  Vision Express
Alison Grey – Tesco Metro
Deborah Murray – Byres Road & Lanes BID
Jessica Stafford Cameron – Byres Road & Lanes BID

1. Welcome address by the Chair
John Turner, Chair of the BID, gave a warm welcome to the Annual General Meeting. He introduced
Alison Grey of Tesco Metro and, Robert Fletcher of Vision Express as fellow directors. He also
advised that Chris Finnieston of the DiMaggio Restaurant Group, unable to attend, was also a
He thanked the directors for their work, and also thanked the BID staff for their work throughout the

2. Note of the AGM held on 1 December 2020
The note of the meeting held on 1 December 2020 had been posted on the members area of the BID
website. John Turner moved the proposal to agree the note of the meeting and it was seconded by
Robert Fletcher. The note of the meeting was agreed.

3. Annual report for the financial year 2020-2021
John Turner presented the annual report to 31 March 2021, which had previously been posted on
the members’ area of the BID’s website, along with the accounts. John Turner moved the proposal
to approve the annual report, which was seconded by Robert Fletcher. The annual report was

4. Annual accounts for the financial year 2018-2019
David Nicholls presented the annual accounts to 31 March 2021., along with summary income and
expenditure figures for the previous three years. He confirmed that the directors had approved and
signed the accounts.
He noted that of the total income of just £90,000, just over half was made up of grants. The levy
collected for the year was 40% of the amount billed, which was itself 50% of the annual bill, as no
invoices were sent out for the period of April to September 2020. That amounted to a collection of

£26,000, compared to £100,000 in the previous year. The grants made it possible to employ staff
and avoid furlough. Expenditure amounted to £50,000, with £15,000 spent on overheads and
£25,000 on events and marketing. He noted that the BID was run with minimum overheads.
The proposal to approve the accounts was moved by John Turner and seconded by Robert Fletcher.
The accounts were approved.
John thanked David Nicholls and Mhairi Galbraith for their financial assistance throughout the year.

5. Appointment of directors
All existing directors agreed to continue in that role and were re-elected. The proposal to re-elect
was moved by John Turner and seconded by Robert Fletcher.
John expressed his thanks to Clare Gibson, of M&S Simply Food, and Derek McNeill of Trios, who had
stepped down as directors during the year.
John Turner noted that the board was actively looking for new directors.

6. Appointment of accountants
Brett Nicholls Associates were re-appointed as the company’s accountants. This was proposed by
John Turner and seconded by Alison Grey.

7. Any Other Competent Business
There was no other competent business for the meeting.

The meeting closed at 19.31.