After further discussion today with colleagues I have been advised of the following, which I would like to share again with you in advance of work planned for this weekend. The information is as follows –

To safely infill the loading bay to the north of the east elevation of the new Clarice Pears Building we require to work on both Saturday and Sunday of the coming weekends to close the building in. The works involve some drilling, however we will make every effort to ensure the drilling works are carried out on Saturday, minimising any impact upon Sunday morning.

Should the need for drilling arise on Sunday, this will not commence until 10am.

For Sunday 20th February, our manager is John Fowler who can be reached via our security personnel in our cabin behind the WILT Building. We will confirm our representatives for forthcoming weekends nearer the time.

Thank you all in advance.

Kind regards,


Mark Henderson

Social Value & Community Manager

M   +44752 6193836


Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd

University of Glasgow Project Office Dumbarton Road
Glasgow,  G11 6PA
United Kingdom