The big-name supermarkets in the Byres Road area have set aside special shopping hours for the elderly and vulnerable as well as for NHS workers.

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Waitrose (Byres Road):

Older & vulnerable people – Monday – Saturday, 8am – 9am. Sunday, 9am – 10am

NHS workers – priority checkout every day. Essential items set aside.

Tesco (Byres Road):

Older & vunrable people – Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9am – 10am

NHS workers – Sunday, 9am – 10am

Iceland (Byres Road):

Older & vunrable people – every day, 9am – 10am

NHS workers – Monday – Saturday, 9pm – 10pm

Marks & Spencer (Great George Street):

Older & vunrable people – Mondays & Thursdays, 8am – 9am

NHS & emergency workers – Tuesday & Fridays, 8am – 9am

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